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Let’s admit it: there’s nothing like the thrill of playing a live poker game – the traditional way of playing poker has tempted experts and amateurs alike, simply because the combination of chance and skill make it so addictive. However, there are many reasons why online poker is so appealing; in fact, online players swear that online poker is even better than the live game. Why do they feel this way? Here are some very good reasons why playing online poker is better than playing a live game:


You’re playing from your comfort zone


This simply can’t be underestimated. Anyone who has ever played a live game knows that emotions can get heated and that the stress levels can get high. When you’re in your own home and in your own environment, you can turn the air conditioner (or the heater) on, listen to your favourite music, and watch the game unfold from your very own comfort zone.


casinoYou’re playing internationally


Yep, you’re playing with people you have never met before, and this poses a whole range of new challenges. People online are from all walks of life, of all ages, with different professions, and with a variety of styles. This immediately brings new excitement to the table, because you never know who you’re coming up against.


You can play multiple tables


For beginners, this is not recommended, but for those who have had experience online and feel confident that they can master playing multiple tables, the option is there.


You play faster


Unlike with a traditional, live game, the cards have to be gathered, arranged, hidden, and covered. Some players take their time, others linger on purpose. After the game, cards once again have to be gathered, shuffled, and dealt. This all happens automatically online, so the game is much faster.


It’s the decisions, and not the words, that count


If you’ve ever played a traditional, live game where one player tries to get under your skin and intimidate you or throw you off guard with trash talk or impossible conversation, you know how annoying it can be. You simply don’t have to deal with that online. Online, there are only their decisions that count. Words mean nothing – actions do.


And, of course, there are still many advantages to online poker that we haven’t mentioned yet: you can play at any time of day or night, you don’t have to worry about intimidating people, there’s no risk of anyone cheating, and there are no misdeals. The game is fair and true. It’s no wonder that an estimated 40 million people play poker online worldwide each year – for money, for prizes, or for fun. It’s the perfect game of chance and skill.


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