What is Poker?

On November - 22 - 2013

Poker is a family of card games with betting and individual game, with the winner determined by the ranks and combinations of their cards, some of which remain hidden until the end of the game. Poker games differ in the number of cards dealt, the number of shared or “community” cards and the number of cards that remain hidden. The betting procedures vary between the different poker games in such a way as betting limits and splitting the pot between a high hand and a low hand.

Every poker player has to start somewhere – and there’s no better place than our poker school. Find out how to play poker in simple, easy steps. Soon you’ll have the skills to conquer the world!

The ‘Poker basics’ section, you will learn the basic rules and hand rankings. Then you will learn how a hand plays out and the concept of ‘ position ‘. The poker school also has a glossary that will help you brush up on your poker lingo.

Once you master the basics visit head over to the advanced section to take your game up a level.

History of Poker

In most modern poker games, the first betting round begins with the player who forced bet (Blind and / or ante) in any form. In standard poker, each player receives bets that the hand he or she will be the highest place. The action is then clockwise around the table and each player in turn must the maximum previous bet or fold, losing the amount bet so far and all further interest in hand. A player who matches a bet also ” enhances ” or increase the bet. The betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded. If all show up on a player fold on any round, then the remaining player collects the pot and may or conceal their hand. If more than one player in contention after the final betting round, the hands are revealed and the player with the winning hand takes the pot. Bets, money is only placed into the pot voluntarily by a player who, at least in theory, rationally believes the bet has positive expected value with the exception of initial forced. Poker has gained in popularity since the beginning of the twentieth century, and has all of a recreational activity confined to small groups of enthusiasts gone to a widespread audience activity with international audiences and multi – million dollar tournament prizes.

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