The History (And Future) Of Bingo

Posted by admin On July - 25 - 2013
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Bingo was invented centuries ago but it has taken hundreds of years for it to evolve into the much-loved game we play today.

How It Started

Bingo fun originated from an Italian lottery during the 1500s known as ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia’. It was later adapted by the French in the 18th century, who created ‘Le Lotto’ which resembled today’s bingo playing card.

However, it wasn’t until the 1920s when a toy merchandiser called Edwin Lowe witnessed a game called beano being played which would change bingo forever.

Beans To Bingo

Mr Lowe saw people playing beano using bingo rules with dried beans, cards and a stamp. He later showed his friends the latest version of the game and it spiralled from there.

The name shouted out to announce winning the game began as “Beano!” but was later changed to what we commonly now know as “Bingo!”.

Today’s Game

Bingo has developed massively since it first started out as a lottery hundreds of years ago.

Generations of today with a passion for the game will be familiar with bingo halls, however – it isn’t necessary to even venture out of your house to play your favourite game because you can now try your luck online.

What could be more convenient than sitting at home with a cuppa while playing a game of bingo? The game was introduced to the World Wide Web about ten years ago and now the internet craze has flourished in big measures.

There are hundreds of different bingo websites offering massive cash prize jackpots every day for you to win. And thanks to technology, you can also choose how you would like to play – whether this be on your computer, mobile or tablet. This has made playing on the move much easier.

Types of bingo games have also developed over the years, with  online bingo operators offering a vast choice. Games vary from your classic 90-ball bingo to others such as 75-ball bingo, speed bingo and themed-bingo.

The Future

Online bingo is growing at a fast pace with an increasing amount of people choosing to play the game from the comfort of their sofa.

As a result, more and more bingo websites are popping up all over cyberspace. This means the bingo giants are going to have to find new ways to encourage players to choose them over other sites by making the games more exciting with bigger chances to win real money.

The game of bingo has adapted and changed over centuries and it will continue to develop as time goes on. Not only can you play the game on bingo and casino websites, but social media sites are now offering their users the chance to join in the fun.

Bingo lovers are spoilt for choice with different options of how they can play. Do you fancy going to a bingo hall, or perhaps you’d rather play through the web, your mobile phone – or Facebook? The choice is yours.

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