Lucky Numbers Tell a Story

Posted by admin On July - 10 - 2014
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How did you pick your lucky numbers? There is a theory that each of us has some numbers associated with things like our birthday. It is worth finding out more, isn’t it? There will be no guarantee that they will ever come up in a lottery but it is worth a try. You may have simply picked your birthday, day, month, and the last two digits of the year. Perhaps you have chosen the number of your house as well?

How about this for an interesting alternative?


Numerologists say that everyone has numbers that define their lives.  Your life path number is obtained by adding all the numbers of your birthday. Inevitably you will get a two digit number; you need to add the two digits together to ultimately reach just a single digit

i.e. 1st April 1962 is 1+ 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 2 = 23; 2 + 3 = 5

Your expression number is obtained by adding together  the numbers that the letters of your name create where ‘A’ would be 1, ‘B’ 2 and so on up to ‘I’ which is 9. ‘J’ is then 10, ‘K’ 11, etc. ‘S’ is then 1 and the sequence is repeated.

The ultimate single digit number is obtained in the same way as above. Your motivation number comes from the value of the vowels in your name. The actual number of your birthday stands alone as a fourth number.



Every individual digit has a trait associated with it and there are two Master Numbers, 11 and 22. You may think the whole thing is a bit like following astrologers and their ‘star signs.’ Perhaps it is. If you look at 1, you are self confident, a leader yet prone to aggression and impatience.  If you have a ‘4’ you are stubborn and over cautious on the downside yet disciplined and stable at the same time.

Join Up

If you work your way through this you may come up with some interesting things about yourself. Whether you can come up with a lottery win is another question. One thing is for certain. If you join a website like elite lotto UK and set up a direct debit you can have your own membership area and numbers. All your transactions will be accessible to you and you alone. If you win you will know it without having to even check yourself.

If your numbers do come up it will change your life almost certainly. You really will have found your lucky numbers. Most people select a set of numbers then stick with them; imagine changing after some time only to see your original numbers coming up after you have abandoned them.

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