Bingo is a game which, if the stereotype is to be believed, is played by older people in halls who arrive with their own market pens – or daubers as they’re called – ready to try and win a few pounds on a daily or weekly basis. However, thanks to the Internet, that perception of bingo is starting to change.

Men and women of all ages are starting to get into the game, playing it using their computers and mobile devices whenever they get the opportunity to do so and winning anything from a few pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds without even necessarily having to leave their homes – or even get dressed!

This increased accessibility is just one of the main differences between online and traditional, or hall, bingo. Players don’t have to take the time to travel to a specific hall and then spend hours playing, time they don’t always have no matter how much they want to. If they’ve only got half an hour until they have to pick the kids up from school for instance, they can get their tablet or laptop out, log onto their chosen site and have a quick game and then switch it all off and head out. It’s quick, simple and easy to play.

On a related note, some people are traditionalists in the sense that they have always played in one particular bingo hall. Now time is tight they might not be able to go there and they may not want to play somewhere else because the games will be different and they like the way a particular bingo brand works and treats its customers with their loyalty.

There are now lots of the traditional bingo operators on the web with all of them reviewed on sites like and you can find out whether the online experience is as good as the hall experience or if you perhaps need to cut your ties and find a new bingo operator.

Of course, part of the bingo experience – a pretty big one if we’re honest – is marking off your card. How are you supposed to do that online? The bingo cards, rather than being printed pieces of paper or card, are shown in windows on your computer or mobile screen and you mark the numbers off as they’re called by clicking your mouse or tapping the screen and if you think you’ve won you hit the ‘bingo’ button (or the game recognizes a winner automatically, depending on the game and the site).

Finally, part of the bingo-playing experience is playing with your friends. You can do this in the halls and make a real night of the event but you can’t do that in an online game unfortunately. The closest you can get is chatting over the web through instant messenger features which open up on each game page for you to talk with your friends if they’re playing the same game at the same time, or with other online players where you can make friends and talk about the game or similar versions to ensure you get the social aspect of the game you like.

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