Bingo Lingo-Knowing Your Bingo Phrases

Posted by admin On January - 18 - 2014
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Knowing our bingo phrases brings so much more enjoyment to this popular game . Simple and easy to play, the game has been around for over 80 years, but its popularity really took off in the 1960s. With a language all of its own, full of bingo lingo, the game can be played in a hall or on one of the many online sites.

It’s quick to learn the ropes. The player is given or buys a card with a selection of random numbers on. Then the host or computer randomly selects a number and if the player has that number on their card, they cross it off. This continues until the first person in the group has crossed off all their numbers. They are the winner.

Part of the tradition of the game is the bingo phrases that are used. They are a bit of fun that adds to the excitement of playing. These phrases have been around for nearly as long as the game itself and are well known the world over.

The bingo phrases that are used will differ depending on where you are in the world. Some American phrases may differ from those used in England, but many of them are the same. Here is a selection of bingo lingo.

Expression Meaning

Eyes down : Used by the host to signal the start of the game
Kelly’s eye : Number 1
Tony’s den : Number 10
Legs : Number 11 (everyone wolf whistles)
Sweet Sixteen : Number 16
Dirty Gertie : Number 30
Life begins : Number 40
Droopy drawers : Number 44
Clean the floor : Number 54
The Brighton Line : Number 59 (the audience shouts “woo woo”)
Clickety click : Number 66
Time for tea : Number 83
Two fat ladies : Number 88

Different hosts will use these bingo phrases in a different ways. Some will shout the expression out before the number and others will say the number followed by the phrase.

It may take a while to get used to the different expressions, but the more you play bingo, whether it’s online or in a bingo hall, the quicker you will pick them up.

Chat Room Bingo Lingo

Online bingo chat rooms also has a language all of its own. Designed to cut down the amount of keystrokes players have to use to get their message across, this can also take a while to get to know. Some typical examples are:-

1TG : one number to go
2TG : two numbers to go
BLNT : better luck next time
BOL : best of luck
DBL : don’t be long
GLA : good luck all
GN : goodnight
KIT : keep in touch
NP : no problem
NT : nice try
TYVM : thank you very much
YW : you’re welcome

As you can see, the bingo world has its own way of doing things and these bingo phrases and chat phrases all add to the charm, fun and excitement of playing the game.

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