America’s Basketball Prowess

On March - 12 - 2015

North America prides itself on the quality of its basketball. The professional game in North America generates huge revenue and the USA particularly has regarded itself as the home of the game. When the USA lost the Olympic Gold by a single point to the Russian team at the Olympic Games in 1972 it was almost a cause for national mourning.  Since professionals have been allowed to compete, there has seemed to be little chance of any other country winning gold, but it does have one blemish on its record, a semi final defeat by Argentina in 2004.


The reasons for the domination are numerous, but the school and collegiate system provide the foundation for talented athletes to develop to a level where they can become extremely rich young men. There is also a huge pool of youngsters who have ambitions to follow the heroes they have watched in their childhood.


The professional game in the US has been run exclusively by the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1976. There are 30 professional franchises though one of them is located in Canada. Stadia are packed every time and television audiences continue to prove how much affection there is in the country for basketball.

The All Star Game brings together the very best in the sport; it is unlikely that a court will ever have had 10 such wealthy sportsmen competing in the same team game – such is the salary level of those at the top of the game. While football in Europe is particularly well paid, its players simply cannot compete.


The game in Europe may not be quite as strong but it is nevertheless popular. There is a European League with many of the teams part of multi sports clubs, the famous names of football from countries such as Spain, Italy and Turkey. The best players may aspire to play for an NBA franchise, but they will still earn a good professional living within Europe.

Ideal for a Bet

Basketball is a game that lends itself to those interested in betting on sport. Its scoring system is 2 points for a regular basket, 3 for those thrown from outside the semicircle in front of the goal and 1 for each ‘free throw’ awarded as a penalty. It means these 60 minute encounters can be high scoring. Those that fancy their chances of winning may be offered a betting bonus for taking part.

Websites will explain everything including the terms and conditions for taking part. It could not be easier to log in and read through them before a game starts. Why not get the refreshments ready, have a go and sit back to watch the game develop, hopefully in the direction you have chosen.

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