4 Helpful Casino Gambling Tips for Newcomers

Posted by admin On April - 27 - 2014
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Casino gambling can provide you with an evening of fun and entertainment, especially if you get all dressed up and go out with a group of friends. But for those who have never hit the tables or sparred with the one-armed bandit before, casinos can definitely be a little intimidating, especially since every wrong move could result in the loss of hard-earned money. However, you can quickly get into the swing of things by following a few simple guidelines when you visit a gaming establishment. Here are some tips to help the newcomers out there get started.

  1. Learn the games. Before you lose your shirt on a game you don’t understand, or upset other players who do know what they’re doing, it’s probably a good idea to take the time to learn something about the casino games you want to play. For starters, there are all different kinds of games, from the simple button pushing of slots to rolling dice at the craps table to outwitting your opponents at high-stakes poker or Pai Gow. One thing they all have in common, though, is that you cannot hope to win unless you know how to play. Of course, even pros don’t always win, but you certainly have a better chance if you understand the rules. And there are a couple of ways you could go about learning. One option is to pick up a book on casino games that explains the rules and how to play. Some will cover a number of games while others go into much more depth and dimension concerning rules and strategy for a single casino game. But if you’re better with hands-on learning, you can also hit the casino floor in the morning or early afternoon, when many establishments offer tutorials to those who have never played before or are looking to improve.
  2. Be aware. Most casinos are happy to offer you free drinks. After all, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and your ability to make wise decisions. Of course, it can also make your evening out a lot more fun, which is perhaps why so many people knock back a few cocktails while they play casino games. The problem is that you need to be aware of your surroundings. When you’re walking around with cash or chips, you could become a target for unscrupulous parties who want to separate you from your winnings. So while it’s okay to down a couple of drinks and have some fun, it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and stay with your group for the sake of safety.
  3. Know when to quit. Most people say to quit when you’re ahead, and this is a good strategy if your goal is to walk out with more money than you had when you entered. But there will be times when you lose overall, and that’s okay. So long as you get your money’s worth in entertainment value, you could consider that any money you lose is similar to the price of admission for a show or a nice dinner, for example. That said, you have to be careful not to lose more than you’re comfortable with. If you end your evening without enough cab fare to get you home, or you blew your kid’s college fund, you’ve made a serious error in judgment. Knowing when to quit requires you to set limits ahead of time and stick to them.
  4. Consider joining the player’s club. Most casinos have something called a player’s club that is designed to reward loyal patrons. Casinos want you to keep coming back and giving them money, and in order to make that happen, they will go out of their way to make you feel like you’re getting something in the bargain, even if you happen to lose money at the tables. Player’s clubs reward you for playing, whether you win or lose. You could end up with all kinds of discounts and even freebies for dining and lodgings, and you might even get cash back in some cases. If you find that you enjoy trips to the casino, this is a good way to get your money’s worth.

Play by the rules. No matter how good you are at counting cards or palming dice, you’re not good enough to beat the eye in the sky and the pit bosses. And you don’t have to be in Las Vegas, either. A good operation can spot a cheater a mile away.for more visit http://www.casinopoipet.org

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